BioLabeler extracts UMLS concepts from Biomedical texts such as scientific paper abstracts, experiments descriptions or medical notes and can be use to automatically curate and annotate BioMedical Literature or to index large documents databases and improve searches or discover relationships between them.


The concepts from the UMLS Database are presented in order according to the relative probability to represent the text knowledge taking into account different semantic properties in the input terms. Biolabeler can filter the results extracting concepts only from specific Dictionaries (GO, MESH, etc) and/or specific semantic types (Diseases, Genes, etc).


Recognizing specific biomedical concepts from free text is an increasingly important process and Biolabeler focus on this task to help human and computer annotators to be more precise in order to improve the quality of the huge BioMedical text databases that bioinformatics and biologists has to deal with nowadays.


Biolabeler can be used from a Web Browser (user mode) or from computer applications consuming REST Web Services.


Feel free make questions, suggestions or strong criticism and thanks in advance fort he opportunity to improve BioLabeler and ourselves.

The Biolabeler Team.